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Stephen Donovan. Senior Lecturer, Department of English, Uppsala University, Sweden. The author of Joseph Conrad and Popular Culture (Palgrave, 2005) and numerous essays on Conrad, Stephen has edited Under Western Eyes for Penguin (2007), a special triple-issue of Conradiana on Conrad and serialization (2009), and, most recently, a special issue of Studia Neophilologica on the theme of “Transnational Conrad” (2013). [homepage]



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Alan Donovan holding spectacles in 2002


Alan Donovan. By day a software engineer specializing in software development tools, Alan has been involved in the Conrad First project since 2002. He still has the napkin on which he sketched out the original site structure while remarking that “this shouldn’t take too long”.






Our foremost debt of thanks is to Danuta Fjellestad, Professor of American Literature, Uppsala University, whose invitation to develop a digital humanities resource was the original catalyst for the creation of Conrad First. An untiring provider of moral and institutional support, Danuta has been our guardian angel for more than a decade.

Open-access internet resources are neither free to create nor free to maintain, and Conrad First owes its existence to the ongoing sponsorship of the Department of English, Uppsala University. In particular, we should like to thank Merja Kytö, Chair of the Department, and the Editorial Board of Studia Neophilologica for enabling the site to be upgraded in July 2013.

We have benefitted immeasurably from the advice and practical assistance of a global community of Conrad scholars. The project has received generous financial support from The Joseph Conrad Society (UK), and for their many kindnesses we wish to express our special gratitude to Allan Simmons and John Stape of The Centre for Joseph Conrad Studies, St Mary’s University College, London. Among the legion of individuals whose expertise, encouragement, and hard work have helped to make the site what it is, we should like to single out Mary Burgoyne, Keith Carabine, Helen Chambers, Laurence Davies, Linda Dryden, Jim Eckert, Alexandre Fachard, Frank Förster, Robert Hampson, Susan Jones, Peter Mallios, Roger Osborne, Jack Peters, Yasuko Shidara, Robert Steltenpool, Michael Titlestad, and, in particular, Jeremy Hawthorn, who contributed the first scholarly essay for Conrad First back in 2006.

The main purpose of Conrad First is to assist and inspire students, teachers, and researchers of Conrad’s writing. To this end, it features a Scholarship section of thirty essays, the majority of them specially commissioned. We should like to extend our thanks to the authors of these essays for sharing their time and knowledge in order to enhance the Conrad First project.

On the technical side, we wish to express our warmest appreciation to Aaron Zacks for designing the front page carousel, Alexander Ringholm for html page coding and additional image editing, and Patrick Belk for expertly scanning and preparing large-format page images for the Daily News & Leader, New York Herald, Daily Mail, Le Quotidien, Times, and Standard.

Last but not least, we should like to thank the ever-helpful IT staff at Engelska parken, Uppsala University, particularly Björn Wiberg.



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