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Case Studies

Case Studies


William Atkinson
Bound in “Blackwood’s”: The Imperialism of “The Heart of Darkness” in Its Immediate Context

Emily K. Dalgarno
The Textual History of Conrad’s “The Partner”

Laurence Davies
The Dark Side and the Bright: Conrad in Ridgway’s and The Metropolitan Magazine

Jeremy Hawthorn
Lookalikes: Conrad and the Denial of Human Individuality

Richard J. Hand
One Day More

Joanna Meacock
London’s River: Conrad, Whistler, and The Metropolitan Magazine

David Mulry
Patterns of Revision in The Secret Agent: Conrad as Anarchist

Paul Skinner
“I can hear our voices”: Revisiting The Nature of a Crime

Katie Tanigawa
Visualizing a Changing Nostromo

Joyce Wexler
The Rescue in Its Time and Ours



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