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The Bulletin (Sydney, Australia)

28 October 1915

Sydney's famous journal of politics and literature The Bulletin was published weekly between 1880 and 2008. By 1900 the magazine's mixture of political radicalism and nationalist xenophobia had garnered a circulation of 80,000, earning it the sobriquet "the bushman's bible" and making its masthead slogan "Australia for the White Man" into a national imperative. By inviting ordinary readers to contribute poetry, stories, and cartoons, The Bulletin's literary editor Alfred Stephens helped to make it the focus of a "Bulletin School" of writing, whose ranks included Banjo Paterson and Vance and Nettie Palmer. In the years immediately preceeding World War I, the magazine's politics became increasingly conservative and imperial, and its influence declined.

Fahey, Warren. The Bushman's Bible. First published in The Bulletin Magazine, 1 February 2005.