Conrad First The Joseph Conrad Periodical Archive

The Westminster Gazette (London, UK)

3 February 1914

A Liberal evening paper published in London between 1893 and 1928, The Westminster Gazette exerted a powerful influence on British politics despite having a clubland readership of only a few thousand. Alfred Mond's purchase of the paper from George Newnes in 1908 marked the beginning of a terminal decline. Despite being relaunched in 1925 as a large-circulation morning paper, the Gazette continued to run at a loss until it was merged with its leading Liberal rival, The Daily News, in 1928. Edited by E. T. Cook (1893-1896), J. A. Spender (1896-1921), and J. B. Hobman (1921-1928), it published contributions by Antony Hope, Saki, and Rupert Brooke.