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Granton Monthly Magazine (Granton, UK)

Little is known about The Granton Magazine, which may also have been titled The Grantonian or The Minesweeper's Gazette. Extensive searches have failed to locate an extant copy. According to Laurence Davies, the general editor of Conrad's letters, it was most likely an in-house sheet circulated around the Granton naval base on the Firth of Forth, which Conrad visited in 1916, where it could have been printed on a copy machine. A letter dated 19 July 1918 (CL 6, 248-9) which Conrad wrote to a merchant seaman named Mr Batty, presumably the journal's editor, appears to have been intended for publication, and has been established as identical with the known fragments of his contribution to The Minesweeper's Gazette as described in auction catalogues. Minesweeping at this time was mostly carried out by civilian trawlers with Royal Naval Reserve crews; the other maritime Reserve, the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, was made up of experienced amateur sailors.

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