Conrad First The Joseph Conrad Periodical Archive

The Book Monthly (London, UK)

December 1916

The Book Monthly: An Illustrated Record, Guide and Magazine for Book Sellers, Librarians & Publishers, for Bookbuyers, Readers & Writers was published in London by Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., between Oct 1903 and June 1920 (irregular issues July 1915-Dec 1918). Founded and edited by Scottish journalist James Milne, literary editor of The Daily Chronicle (1904-1918), The Book Monthly was a pioneer in the use of best-seller lists in Britain. Its Christmas 1919 number included a feature titled 'Old Yule Lamps and New' in which well-known writers commented upon Christmas books, then and now.

In June 1920, Milne contacted Conrad with a request for a photograph to accompany an article on The Rescue that appeared in The Graphic on 10 July that year.

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