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The Dallas Morning News (Dallas, TX, USA)

23 June 1893

The Dallas Morning News was founded in 1885 by George Bannerman Dealey as a sister paper to The Galveston Daily News. Sharing a telegraph connection and a network of correspondents, they were the first two newspapers in the United States to publish simultaneous editions. The Dallas Morning News quickly absorbed The Dallas Herald and began issuing The Semi-Weekly Farm News. During the 1890s, it opposed the agrarian wing of the Democratic party led by James Stephen Hogg in the state legislature and William Jennings Bryan in Washington. As Dallas grew from a small town into the major city of North Texas, the circulation of The Dallas Morning News rose from 17,000 in 1895 to 38,000 in 1906 and 86,000 in 1928. It is currently one of the biggest-selling newspapers in the United States.

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